Make a true gift to remember with high-quality custom gold coins. As a certified coin maker, we mint custom 24K Gold coins of any design, quantity, and complexity!

Customized gold coins are great to commemorate special events and to recognize the success of long term partners or star employees. We mint our coins in the highest collector coin finish, and you can mint a single coin to recognize an individual or multiple commemorative pieces, honoring an event or anniversary.

Custom Gold Coins from a Professional Coin Maker

Our company has extensive experience in minting custom 24K Gold coins of premium quality. We have been in business for more than 20 years. Our coinage experts will be happy to make great custom gold coins for you with detailed embossing and a top-notch "collector's coin" finish.

Minting Custom Gold Coins with individual designs: Company name and logo embossed on a 24K Gold coin

Are You Looking to Mint Your Own 24k Gold Coins with Your Logo? We Got You Covered.

Coin-USA Inc. has been in the minting industry for more than 20 years. It is important to say that our custom-made gold coins are minted in our own factory. And we only use a purity of 99.9% Gold. Therefore, our shiny gold coins are great for commemorating special events and to recognize the success of partners and employees. It is also a superb way to increase company loyalty among employees.

Custom Made Coins with individual design. Emboss your logo on a 24K Gold Coin

How Long Does it take to Produce Custom-Made 24K Gold Coins?

The production time of custom gold coins depends on 2 factors: the coin design and the final quantity of coins. To find a timeframe, please send us all information, texts and logos that should be used on your coins. Then our professional design team will create stunning digital layouts of your coin. Once you approve the design, the production time mainly depends on the quantity of coins you will need. Please be prepared for 4-6 weeks of production time.

Packaged Custom 24K Gold Coin

What Does it Cost to Produce My Own 24K Gold Coins?

The production of pure gold coins is a costly project. Gold itself in the purity of 99.9% is already high in pricing. Next, manufacturing costs vary depending on the design, quantity and weight of a run of custom gold coins. As the price of gold is also subject to fluctuations on the commodity markets, our offers are valid for a maximum of 5 days. The final piece to take into consideration is presentation packaging. The presentation of your unique custom gold coin will be a memory that will last forever, and it should be prominently and beautifully displayed. We offer a number of display options that will suit every need.

Watch our video about our favorite projects of custom-made 24K gold coins

Customised Gold Coin
Custom 24K Gold Coin
Customised Coin in Pure Gold
Custom Pure Gold Coin
Custom 24K Gold Coin
Customised Pure Gold Coin

Watch our Video how a 24k Gold coin is minted in our Own production facility

Extras We Offer

Exquisite Packaging

Custom 24K Gold Coin in Premium Packaging

To ensure that the precious metal coins reach their future owners in perfect condition, they are packed in high-quality acrylic capsules. In addition to these capsules, we have a vast array of elegant packaging options for your individual embossed gold coins. They will display your customized coins in the right light. All of them look stunning and are sure to enhance the beauty and exclusivity of your individual coins.

According to the wishes of a client, we can customize the packaging and put your logo or personalized text on it. Have a look at our Coin Packaging options.

Velvet Box + Print

Velvet box for custom coins with individual logo print

Acryllic Block

Acrylic block to display custom coins

Floating Frame

floating frame image

Acryllic Cup

Acrylic case for custom coins

Velvet Pouch + Print

Velvet pouch for custom coins with individual logo print

PVC Floating Frame

Custom coin display

Acryllic Stand

Acrilyc coin stand for custom coins

XXL Floating Frame

XXL Floating frame to display several custom coins at once

Velvet Box

Blue Velvet Box for custom coins

Metal Stand

Metallic stands for custom coins

Velvet Pouch

Blue Velvet Pouch for Custom Coins

Wooden Box

Wooden custom coin box

Customized Packaging

Wooden box for custom coins

Design your own gold coin

Sketch Out the First Version of Your Custom Gold Coins‘ Design Online

Upload your existing designs to our Coin Configurator or let our tool provide you with some inspiration.

online coin configurator image

Key Steps of Manufacturing Custom Pure Gold Coins

Here are the major steps to creating high-quality custom embossed coins in 24K Gold:

  • designing your pure silver coin
  • designing your silver coin
  • designing .999 fine silver coin

1. Design Creation

The first step in the production of custom gold coins is the creation of a personalized design concept by our coin designers. This is then sent to the customer for approval. When the approval is received, the image is transferred to the digital plane and a 3D model is made of it. The 3D model is used directly to make the dies for minting custom 24K Gold coins. This die is highly detailed so that all the fine elements, be they texts, or graphics, are displayed as accurately as possible on the finished custom gold coins. It should be noted that we make several stamps at once, as they are subject to a lot of pressure and wear out quickly.

  • melting gold to make individual coins
  • melting silver to make individual coins
  • melting gold and silver to make individual coins

2. Gold Melting

Once the coin stamp is made, examined, and ready for embossing, the preparation of gold for minting your precious metal coins begins. To do this, the specialists need to melt 24K gold ingots in our melting furnace. The precious metal is subjected to a very high temperature of 1,064°C. If required by the customer's project, in this step, other metals can be added to the molten gold.

Then, the slightly cooled precious metal is pressed out of the furnace through various rollers at a force of up to 200 tons. Long plates of the required thickness are thus formed. They correspond to the thickness of the future custom 24K gold coins. These plates are used to stamp the blanks for personal coins. They are carefully cleaned. Before getting stamped with your design, the coin blanks are used to die-strike custom gold coins. Production of custom coin blanks is waste-free. Any leftover metal is sent back to the furnace and recycled into new coin blanks.

  • custom embossing of your gold and silver coins
  • custom embossing of your silver coins
  • custom embossing of your gold coins

3. Custom Embossing

Typically, custom coins' front and back sides have designs that vary. Therefore, we use different molds to mint obverse and reverse of custom embossed coins. The blanks are inserted into the minting machine by hand and each one is thoroughly examined. Stamps of custom 24K gold coins with even the slightest defect are sent for remelting.

The approved design is embossed on precious metal coin blanks at a pressure of about 100 tons. This is followed by another inspection of the custom pieces to ensure that they exactly match the client-approved design. Our in-house specialists are careful to ensure that the minting dies are in excellent condition and replace them regularly to ensure impeccable results.

Make Your Custom Commemorative Coins a Reality with Us

Custom Commemorative Coins

When creating custom coins, we are focused on conquering creative challenges and satisfying our clients. Therefore, even if you need only one commemorative coin, we will certainly take on your project. We don't have a minimum order! With us, all the metals and alloys are available for minting coins. Your customized coins can be made of either pure gold or fine silver, or another metal with gold or silver plating.

Use our feature-rich tool, the Coin Configurator, and model the future look of your individual coins with its functionality. Our coin designers make sure to take your mock-up to perfection.

Custom Gold Coins

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Over the Past 20 Years, We Have Gone Great

Custom Coinage & Premium Precious Materials

We've gone to great lengths to ensure that our gold coin production is deeply customized. If you partner with us, your custom gold coins can have absolutely any appearance. Almost any design can be applied to them; it can be a slogan or the logo of your company, for instance.

We are a professional minting service for custom 24K Gold coins with individual designs. Embossed gold coins made by our specialists are always unbeatable-looking pieces. They are perfect to mark your distinguished employees or to pay tribute to a service anniversary of your organization.

Besides 24K Gold, we also offer a variety of other high-quality precious metals for coin stamping. When you order from us, your custom coins can also be made in .999 fine silver, rose gold, palladium, and platinum.

custom coins made in 24K gold, palladium, and platinum
solid custom .999 fine silver coins

Top-Quality Finishes for Your Custom Gold Coins

Coin minting requires reverent attention to detail to guarantee impeccable quality and achieve customer satisfaction. To ensure that each and every one of our clients receives a one-of-a-kind custom gold coin run, we provide a wide variety of finishes. Our premium finish, the mirror-like polished plate with matte details will take your coins to a new level of perfection.

To highlight the exclusivity of solid custom 24K Gold coins, they can get a customized coin edge treatment, hallmarking, laser engraving of inscriptions, or serial numbers.

When making custom silver coins in our own production facility, we either use a traditional die-striking or minting method that both have proven to be highly effective. Only the best of the best of us work hard to ensure that you get individual coins of the highest quality. They know how to give your coins an exceptional look. If our mirror-like polished plate is not what you're looking for, your embossed gold coins can also be sandblasted, antique or matte. All finishes can be completed with enamel colors if desired.

If you’d like to mint custom gold coins that will shake you with their beauty and authenticity — you are in the right place!