Custom Company Coins to Mark a Milestone

Custom Company Coins to Mark a Milestone
Individualized Designs, such as your logo embossed in the best quality precious metals: Finest custom company coins by

It’s always a good idea to support the celebration of a milestone event with meaningful gifts like custom company coins. This was also the opinion of the cybersecurity firm that approached us. The organization was about to celebrate its 10th anniversary and receive a prestigious award as recognition of its services. In honor of the occasion, the management decided to have custom company coins minted. Later, they intended to distribute them among loyal employees and business partners at the corporate celebration. Coin USA is always ready to get the job done and we were glad to bring the idea to life.

Custom Company Coins: Refining the Individualized Design

The management of the firm worked together with our Project Consulting and Design Teams to create a refined design for the custom company coins. After the discussion of the project, clients chose to mint a different composition on the front side and back side of the custom company coins to commemorate both of the events. The customers determined which side of the coin would lay focus on which milestone.

They selected a simple, yet sleek, coin border to give the custom company coins a high-value and modern look. The front side of the custom company coins, honoring the anniversary, included text marking the founding year of the organization and its logo. Our specialists selected the fonts to fit with the firm’s corporate design. We minted the image of the award presented to the organization onto the back side of the custom company coins.

polished custom company coins

Custom Company Coins: Excellent Design and Quality Precious Metals

In regards to the materials used to mint the final product, our specialists utilized only the finest ones. We minted the custom company coins with a bronze core. This gave the medals considerable weight and a high-value feel. Further, our team plated the bronze core with 24k Gold, allowing the custom company coins to shine to their fullest. The coins were then double plated in gold, and completed with a Polished Plate (Mirror Effect) finish. The combination of the beautiful 24k Gold and the polished plate give the custom company coins an over-refined look. It matches the milestones it is commemorating.

The management of the organization appreciated the quick timeframe that the manufacturing took place in and provided nothing but positive feedback. It is often the case that firms enjoy providing employees, investors, and top clients with custom company coins made or plated with precious metals. Giving gold or gold-plated custom company coins is the perfect token of appreciation for hardworking employees. This allows them to have a tangible and eternal gift from their employer in the form of custom company coins. The firm joined with the likes of many other companies by providing high-quality custom company coins as tokens of appreciation at their recent 10-year anniversary celebration.

24K pure gold custom company coins

Would You Like to Have Your Own Company Coins Crafted?

To start making your custom company coins today, head over to our Coin Configurator. Here, you can create a first draft of how you’d like your custom company coins to look before our team of coin designers then help you craft your perfect company coins.

Disclaimer: Our products on this page are known as “Coins” in order to comply with general linguistic usage. It should be expressly pointed out that it concerns, however, individually embossed medals and no current or former means of payment/currency.