Custom Copper Coins to Fit Your Special Occasion

Custom Copper Coins to Fit Your Special Occasion
Craft custom copper coins of the finest quality together with Coin USA. We know how to bring your unique idea to life. Individual designs, no minimum order.

Since ancient times, copper coins have been actively used by mankind. Nowadays it is possible to give them a special meaning and make them symbols of something important and lasting. Our company produces exclusive custom copper coins. They always impress and delight. Moreover, such a special gift, like nothing else, is able to emphasize the respect and recognition of the merits of the person for whom it was created.

Custom Copper Coins Branded for Bacardi in Antique Finish

Who Orders Custom Copper Coins and Why?

Custom copper coins are one of the traditional gift/souvenir options that are incredibly popular. Among the variety, there are 3 main groups that order individual copper coins mostly. These are government agencies, businesses, and private individuals.

Custom coins that are made for government entities usually:

  • Timed to commemorate the anniversary of an agency or institution;
  • Intended as an award on behalf of an entity;
  • Designed as a souvenir on the name of the agency for partners, etc.

Bespoke medals made of copper, which are minted for businesses typically:

  • Designed as an element of corporate culture;
  • Intended as a distinction for employees of the company;
  • Created as a gift for company partners;
  • Crafted to commemorate a company’s anniversary or a memorable event of its activity, etc.

Custom copper coins that are produced for private purposes:

  • Designed for dear people like family members and friends;
  • Timed to birthday or any other personal holiday.
Custom Copper Coins Sandblasted Finish

What Makes Our Custom Copper Coins Outstanding? Full Customization is Key!

Our company has made a lot of efforts to be able to provide our customers with a deeply customized product. We work tirelessly to be able to offer you more and more options that you can add to your custom copper coins. Our aim is to craft bespoke coins entirely satisfying the customer’s ideas and requirements. Thus, with us, you can choose:

  • The size, thickness, shape, and color of the future product;
  • Graphics that is decorated on one or both sides of custom copper coins;
  • Finishing of the medals;
  • Text to be applied to the piece;
  • Coin border design;
  • Packaging.
Rhino Medals. Custom Copper Coins with hanger

Immortalizing Your Design: Customized Embossing and Engraving of Copper Coins

Copper is a pliable material and ideally suited for minting custom coins. The image displayed on custom copper coins appears to be extremely detailed. Even the smallest element of the graphics created by the coin designers is perfectly distinguishable.

This metal is easy to work with and allows applying the pattern required by the customer in different ways. The coins made from copper can be embossed and engraved.

On embossed copper coins, the pattern will look voluminous and seem more “alive”. We offer two types of embossing: 2D and 3D. Both of these techniques will allow the image to unfold to its fullest potential. Our experts will help you choose the embossing option that best suits your needs.

Engraved copper coins look exquisite and always fit the occasion, whatever it is. The high-quality engraving (laser or dot options) we offer, together with the fascinating red copper color creates a real work of art. Our customers deserve only the best service. Therefore, in addition to numerous options for customizing your pieces, we craft custom coins from copper of varying sizes. Even if you need a tiny coin measuring 10 mm or a huge 250 mm, we will take the job! Contact us to learn more.

Copper Antique Coins. Connecting hands embossed on custom-made coins.

Fitting Presentation: The Best Packaging for Custom Copper Coins

We will help you choose a coin packaging option that fits your occasion and the style of the coins made of copper. To make your medals and their packaging become one, we can put the matching design on them. Our team will do everything to make your commemorative coins an original, beautiful, and expensive present.

Coin USA guarantees the possibility to mint a small number of custom copper coins or only one coin.

Get Your Own Custom Copper Coins from Coin USA

Our company produces custom copper coins in our own facility. Using the latest equipment and materials of the highest quality allows us to qualitatively fulfil orders of any complexity and volume.

The designers of Coin USA will create an exclusive layout according to your requirements. To ensure maximum customer satisfaction and the highest quality workmanship, we provide free samples of your custom copper coins. Combining your wishes with the professionalism of our designers and production specialists you will get a perfect result that will surpass your expectations. Contact us today!

Disclaimer: Our products on this page are known as “Coins” in order to comply with general linguistic usage. It should be expressly pointed out that it concerns, however, individually embossed medals and no current or former means of payment/currency.