Customize Commander’s Coins with Professionals

Customize Commander’s Coins with Professionals
We know what duty and quality are. Let us make your top-quality commander’s coins from the finest metals and emboss them with unmatched individual designs.

Devotion to duty and honor certainly are not empty words. For those serving a nation, they even turn into their meaning of life. It is for them that commander’s coins exist. These specific custom challenge coins are awarded to servicemen and women. They honor those who have shown outstanding courage and commitment in combat missions. Ardent patriots receive them for their services to the homeland. Today, Coin USA introduces you to these special medals for the military. Read on and find out a wealth of engaging information about the history of commander’s coins, their variety, and their significance to members of the Armed Forces.

Commander’s Coins — “Valor and Duty”

The military consists of brave people who are ready to sacrifice themselves not only for civilians but also for their brothers and sisters in arms. Such unity does not come from anywhere. It must be nurtured, supported, and cherished. Here, customized commander’s coins perform their mission — to keep the subordinates of the commanding officer cohesive and functioning as one.

Where the Story of Commander’s Coins Begin

Unfortunately, historians do not know exactly how all kinds of custom challenge coins came into circulation in the Armed Forces at first. Whereas, there are several assumptions. According to one version of events, unit and commander’s coins first appeared back in World War I. Another belief insists that it happened much later, during the Vietnam War. What unites both theories is that troop and commander’s coins serve as identification marks, showing which unit a soldier belongs to. Also, each single military medal celebrates a soldier’s achievements during a specific mission, within their particular department, or of and for their country as a whole.

Nato Challenge Coins, Customized in Antiqued Silver and Blue Soft Enamel_Commander's coins

Custom Challenge Coins Nowadays

The wonderful tradition of commander’s coins exists and thrives to this day. To emphasize their significance, many officers have their own custom challenge coins with unique designs. Thereby, the military accentuates the importance of the metallic awards. The subordinate, who is celebrated with a commander’s coin, receives a meaningful memento. It symbolizes this particular commander and praises the reason why the defender owns it. However, in our time, this practice has expanded, uncovering new and new horizons for the use of customized medals. Thus, the officers often personalize challenge coins to pay tribute to some important date or event in the life of a particular unit. These may include: A milestone since its foundation and functioning; the anniversary of an extremely important mission accomplishment; a visit of high-ranking guests, etc.

The German NATO Commander's Coins in Silver Antique with Hard Enamel

What Custom Challenge Coins of a Commander Look Like

Although the medals of a chief officer serve the same purposes as described above, they can have completely different looks. This applies to both the core metal and the main design components. So, what exactly is it that we refer to, when we speak about commander’s coins?

  • Most often, coin makers emboss copper, bronze, or nickel coin rounds;
  • Typically, they are small , or as we phrase it “pocket-sized”;
  • Commander’s coins show symbols and mottos denoting the unit and/or position of the commander ;
  • As all our custom challenge coins, they are usually round , but can also be custom-shaped;
  • For more extravagance, commander’s coins made by Coin USA might have a badge-like look, or a hook , to be worn around the neck.

For your project, we can either fulfill all the above-mentioned conditions, or we can create something completely new. Our team does not recognize standards and promotes an overall individual approach. Therefore, with Coin USA, for your own commander’s coins, choose your favorite metal, size, shape, and additional elements such as enamel colors, and laser engraving for inscriptions.

Take advantage of our multi-functional tool called the Coin Configurator to easily grasp the idea of designing your personalized medals.

Choose the Best Custom Coin Mint to Get the Best Commander’s Coins

We believe that military personnel deserve the best rewards for what they do and what they have to go through to keep civilians safe. That is why Coin USA works with only the best metals from trusted suppliers for the production of customized commander’s coins. Moreover, an unlimited number of variations of plating, finishes, enamel-colored details, and many other options for unique challenge coins are at your disposal. Our experienced coin designers will create an extraordinary design for your special medals.

Contact us today to start your custom commander’s coin run!

Disclaimer: Our products on this page are known as “Coins” in order to comply with general linguistic usage. It should be expressly pointed out that it concerns, however, individually embossed medals and no current or former means of payment/currency.